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About Us

Who We Are
The Ohio Deferred Compensation Program (Ohio DC) is a supplemental retirement plan that offers all Ohio public employees the opportunity to accumulate tax-deferred assets to meet their long-term financial goals and to provide a desirable lifestyle and peace of mind in retirement.
Deferred compensation has been the Program's only business since it opened its first participant accounts in 1976. The Program is unique in that it is a public, non-profit organization created by Ohio legislation. A 13-member Board comprised of public employees, retirees, and appointed investment experts governs the Program. The staff manages and administers the Program with public employees' best interests in mind.
The Program provides participants with educational tools, a diverse set of investment options, flexible savings and withdrawal options, as well as portability when changing jobs within the public sector.


IRPlanner 2 28 2011.jpgWhat We Provide to You

Ohio DC's employer and participant services include:

  • Automatic pay deferral that makes it easy to save
  • Resources and information to make your job easier
  • Participant website with calculators (like the one shown here), webinars, videos, financial education and more
  • Service Center staffed with licensed professionals to assist participants with account questions and planning at no charge
  • Field Account Executives who will come to your workplace to help with Ohio DC orientations, enrollment and workshops
  • Emails and free webinars to keep employers and participants up-to-date
  • Participant and retiree newsletters, Quarterly Statements (paperless available) and Annual Statements
  • SMarT Automatic Deferral Increase Plan
  • Lower costing investments than those available to individual investors because of the size of Ohio DC (around $8.9 billion in assets). This means lower fees; more money goes into your retirement account.
  • And much more