Let employees choose to opt-in or out of Ohio DC
Let employees choose to opt-in or out of Ohio DC
How can you get employees more involved with their retirement? Many employers now require newly hired employees to complete a simple form to opt-in or out of Ohio Deferred Compensation so that they’re aware of this important benefit.
Consider adopting the same practice by using the Opt-In Enrollment Form.
The advantages of using this form:
  1. All new employees learn about tax-deferred saving for retirement early in their career.
  2. The form helps document that you (as the employer) have met your fiduciary responsibility to educate your employees on their retirement benefits.
  3. You can attract and retain key employees because of their increased awareness of your comprehensive benefits package.
Many employers also require all non-enrolled employees to complete this form annually or during open enrollment.
Please remember to print both pages of the Opt-In Enrollment Form. For paper copies, please call 877-644-6457 or email us.
Send the completed form to the following address or fax it to 614-222-9457:

Ohio Deferred Compensation
257 East Town Street, Suite 457
Columbus, Ohio 43215-4626
Thank you for helping your employees save for retirement!