Millennials want employer’s help in encouraging wellbeing
Millennials want employer’s help in encouraging wellbeing
Millennials, those ages 18-33, want you to play an active role in their overall health and wellbeing.
According to an analysis from Aon Hewitt based on data from the 2014 Consumer Health Mindset Report, Millennials are more open to having their manager play a role and encourage their wellbeing, which encompasses not only physical wellbeing, but emotional and financial. 
How do you reach the Millennial audience? Aon Hewitt suggests to:
  • Understand what motivates. In the report, more than half said their motivation is to “look good.” Tailor communication to that sentiment.
  • Know how to reach your audience. Use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Vine, and Pinterest, or provide access to apps to communicate resources on health, wellness, and finance.
  • Make it easy and convenient. Bring programs right to the workplace. Millennials care about work/life balance.
  • Add an element of competition. Aon Hewitt recommends adding games, friendly competitions, and challenges to engage Millennials.
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