Never too Young to Begin Saving
Never too Young to Begin Saving
Kenneth Weppler, a human resources assistant at Washington State Community College (WSCC), is the youngest employee at WSCC to have an Ohio Deferred Compensation (Ohio DC) account.
"It was the best decision I ever made," he said.

Kenneth heard about Ohio DC when he was hired and knew he needed to save additional money for retirement.

"I understand the time value of money and see how $1 today is not the same as $1 a few years ago," he said.
He calls Ohio DC a "win win" because the pre-tax deduction reduces his taxable pay.
As a human resources assistant, Kenneth speaks with fellow employees about joining and contributing to Ohio DC.

"I feel Ohio Deferred Compensation is a well-respected company that helps you," he said. "Other financial companies always try to ‘sell’ you something else and bombard your email/mail with junk, but not Ohio DC. That shows they are more interested in you and not just a commission.
I just wish I could contribute more!"
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