Rollover Other Retirement Assets into the Program

Rollover Other Retirement Assets into the Program

Many participants have found it helpful to combine their retirement accounts from former employers or IRA 's into their Ohio Deferred Compensation account. If you have other pre-tax retirement accounts, you may also want to consider a rollover to take advantage of:

1. Access to professional help - The Program offers professionally licensed representatives to help you select an appropriate asset allocation. With all of your retirement funds together, we can help you make coordinated investment decisions. Our representatives do not receive any sales commissions, so they are working in your best interests.

2. Easier to manage and to access your funds - Keeping track of the funds in various plans becomes simpler when you bring your assets together. You receive one consolidated quarterly statement for all of your retirement assets. You have access to your account information and can execute exchanges anytime through our automated telephone system or web site.

3. Competitive rate investment option - For those who want to limit risk while receiving a competitive return, we have a well managed Stable Value Option for you to consider. The value of the securities held by the Stable Value Option will fluctuate. The Stable Value Option focuses on principal preservation and a stable rate of return.

To find out more about combining your retirement assets, contact an Account Executive at 877-644-6457.

Carefully consider any difference between plan types before moving your assets. Unlike your 457 plan assets, assets rolled over from a qualified plan or IRA may have limited access and be subject to a 10% penalty tax if withdrawn prior to age 59½.