Roth 457
Ohio DC's ​Roth 457 Option

Roth 457

Ohio DC now offers a Roth 457 option for your employees. The Roth 457 option gives your employees the ability to contribute to post-tax accounts as well as traditional pre-tax accounts.

​​The key provisions and benefits regarding the Roth 457 option are:

  • Contributions are taxable income in the calendar year contributed
  • Distributions are tax-free if certain criteria are met (see details here​​)
  • Combined contribution limits apply to both Pre-tax contributions and Roth Contributions
Employers may voluntarily offer the Roth 457 option to their employees by executing a new Employer Adoption Agreement Exhibit B, Payroll/Administ​rative Procedures, and fulfilling the related employer responsibilitie​s outlined in the exhibit. Just return the completed and executed form.​ Employers who choose to offer the Roth 457 Option must execute an Adoption Agreement, Exhibit B, Payroll/Administrative Procedures form before employees can enroll in the Roth 457 option.

Upon receipt of the completed Exhibit B, Ohio DC will review, process, and countersign. We will forward you a copy of the signed document for your records and additional information regarding the Roth 457 option.

Employers will need to set-up a separate post-tax payroll deduction for Roth contributions.

Pre-tax deferrals and Roth contributions will be billed separately.​Ohio DC will create a new bill code assigned to Roth contributions.

Pre-tax deferral and Roth contribution billings can be obtained and filed on the Ohio Business Gateway​.

Thank you for helping your employees save for retirement. Please contact the Service Center at 877.644.6457 with any questions.​